Crypto’s mining Power is Helping out to Fight against Coronavirus

The crypto community is actively participating in the fight against the Coronavirus outbreak. The US-based crypto miner CoreWeave dedicates its significant part of computing power to aid in research for finding a cure for COVID-19.

CoreWeave is one of the largest miners mining cryptocurrency Ethereum utilizing the thousands of GPUs. They are now sharing its hash power to Stanford University’s research project called Folding@home. The team of Folding@home is focusing on the development of effective drugs for Coronavirus and they are using computers’ simulation power for research in this regard.

600 GPUs for Coronavirus’s Research

Brian Venturo, the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of CoreWeave unveils that they are giving hashing power of 600 GPUs to Folding@home which makes 0.2% of Ethereum’s hash rate. This computing power can mine 28 ETH daily that counts almost $3,900. The initiative will try to find out the resistive medicines against spreading outbreak. The disease research startup has been already doing great work in fighting other serious illnesses.

Their research had profound impacts on the development of front-line HIV defense drugs, and we are hoping our [computing power] will aid in the fight against coronavirus

Venturo said.

The GPUs will assist in providing simulations to notice the movements of protein parts in a virus. ‘’Our specialty is in using computer simulations to understand proteins’ moving parts. Watching how the atoms in a protein move relative to one another is important because it captures valuable information that is inaccessible by any other means, the blog post of Folding@home reveals.

On Ethereum’s blockchain, most of the mining volume is covered by GPU machines. That’s why they are helpful in doing extensive research on a large scale.

Venturo said:

This is one of the great things about the Ethereum mining ecosystem, it’s basically the largest GPU compute resource on the planet. We were able to redeploy our hardware to help fight a global pandemic in minutes.

ASIC miners are not beneficial as they are designed only for cryptocurrency mining.

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