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Fantom Price Prediction 2022,2025,2030 | Is FTM a good investment?

Nowadays, investors are eager to know about the latest Fantom price prediction for 2022,2025 and beyond. The coin seems to be looking very potential investment if analyzed deeply. This complete guide that we have compiled is specifically for those whore are very much interested in buying and trading the coin.

Fantom Overview

1h Price Change1.12%
24h Volume$171,447,935.00
Market cap$1,964,496,353.00
Max Supply3,175,000,000.00

Fantom Price Prediction

After considering and analyzing all of the possible factors that can effect the price of Fantom (FTM) in the both short and long term, we are making below FTM price predictions:

2024 $0.87 $0.83 $0.96
2025 $1.27 $1.24 $1.42
2026 $1.83 $1.77 $2.17
2027 $2.59 $2.51 $3.10
2028 $3.68 $3.58 $4.31
2029 $5.30 $5.15 $6.23
2030 $7.48 $7.26 $8.95
2031 $10.87 $10.49 $12.46
2032 $15.34 $14.79 $17.49
2033 $22.29 $21.50 $25.72

What is Fantom?

Fantom is an open-source smart contract platform for decentralized applications (dApps) and digital assets, is one of many blockchain networks that have been established to give an alternative to Ethereum. The aBFT consensus stack, which Fantom delivers, is the first DeFi stack based on an aBFT consensus. Fantom was released in 2018 and ICO price was 0.04$

When it comes to security, Fantom Wallet is as safe as it gets. The wallet offers reasonable security protections and gives users complete control over their private keys. FTM is a DAG-based Smart Contract platform that tries to overcome the scalability challenges of distributed ledger technologies. Fantom OPERA Chain’s “Lachesis Protocol” is the platform’s attempt to differentiate itself.

Users will be able to enjoy instant transactions and near-zero transaction costs due to the development of dApps. Fantom’s breakthrough aBFT consensus process, Lachesis, allows it to be significantly faster and less expensive than prior technologies while remaining exceptionally safe.

Fantom Price Prediction FAQs

Is Fantom a good investment?

Fantom is a blockchain project with an innovative team that is aiming to adapt future technology to help new developers and investors. Due to its high returns, it is expected for long term increase and is regarded as a safe and one of the best investment options.

How much Fantom be worth in 2025?

Fantom is still gaining ground. If it keeps the market in the following years, the price is expected to climb. Consumers and investors may be interested if it can improve transaction security and speed. By the end of 2025, the maximum price is predicted to reach around 10$.

How high Fantom can go in 2022?

As Fantom platform has strong support for DeFi ecosystem so it is very expected that the price will soar to high level in near future. It might cross 0.50$ mark by the end of 2022.


So what’s the future of Fantom that we have discussed above?  Algorithms imply that the coin’s value will grow in the long run, according to predictions. The community power of the FTM is somewhere amazing relative to other coins. This might be a bonus point for the future growth of Fantom.

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