Editorial Policy

NewsBitcoin24/7 has clear cut editorial policies for publishing news content and information about the cryptocurrency and blockchain. Our editors in chief and journalists make sure of the following things before publishing any crypto-related content.

News via Original Sources

Our journalists are active 24/7 to get the important information and deliver to the site audience with honesty. There is no middle party from which our news content is derived from. All of the news articles checked by our professional editors whether it is taken from the original source or not.

After confirmation and source checking, a news article is published on the site for the viewers or audience. No news is published on the NewsBitcoin24/7 if it has no relation with the original source.

Authenticity and Quality

To inform our viewers with authentic news is our foremost agenda. Sometimes, fake news causes people to lose their assets. We take care of our regular users including trades and investors and deliver 100% authentic news information.

Quality is a demanding thing in any sector or field. So, the same case is with crypto and blockchain news. We provide high-quality news about Bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain, and what is happening around the crypto ecosystem.

No Place for biasness

Our staff, consisting of journalists and editors, strives to pick the trending news from the original sources and straight away deliver these to you. No one is allowed to add personal interest or biasness while writing the news content.

If you find any kind of biasness, you can reach us via our ‘’Contact Us’’ section. We will take urgent action on this!

No Financial Advice

NewsBitcoin24/7 avoids giving any financial or investment advice. However, our journalists are permitted to share personal advice and the predictions made by the top crypto analysts and traders. Due to the high volatility of crypto assets, the site will not direct you to buy or sell any coin.

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