China’s recent Launched BSN is bringing Chainlink Oracle functionality to its network.

The rise of Chainlink oracle in recent years is not surprising. Recently China has introduced Blockchain Services Network (BSN) to its crypto community and now it seems like the crypto community is continually starving for more.

As per the highlighted reports, after the successful launch of the BSN network, china is bringing Chainlink Oracle Functionality to its networks. This main yet powerful supportive integration will help the companies and governments to let their data validated.

This system will work through the IRITA crossover services portal. The nodes will be run through the SNZ pool throughout the operation.

Many are linked together to work on this fundamental development of BSN. SNZ pool, IRITA, and chain link will be the contributing partner’s throughout the operation. The IRITA will work as a portal to integrate Chainlink into BSN. While the SNZ pool will provide the node services.

This collaboration of multi parties will enable developers and the public to access high-quality data which will be used to make their application more connected and powerful.

Amazing Year for Chainlink

Particularly Chainlink was the big hit 2019 in the crypto market for price actions, adoptions and partnerships. But according to the officials of BSN, Chainlink wasn’t their first priority. The co-founder commented that

We looked at the top four, on the list, Chainlink was not number one. They were the second one. But we saw that Chainlink has the best community, best support. […] Also, we really liked the team.

Chainlink is currently working with top-notch enterprises in the world like google. When BSN selected Chainlink as their network partner, soon after that they unveiled that they are working on a prototype like a demo that will demonstrate how much Chainlink can be object-oriented for the crypto community. Harriet Cao commented that:

BSN has an ambitious plan to provide a standardized, nationwide public infrastructure network supporting most efficient blockchain development and deployment. Chainlink is the industry-leading oracle solution provider. It is our great pleasure to support BSN vision and work on the integration of Chainlink and make the oracle service easy to use by all the blockchain on BSN, through a standard service interface which supports cross-chain interoperability.


China’s blockchain department will saw some notable developments this year for sure.

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