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10 Best Crypto airdrop sites in 2023 For Crypto Lovers

Have you ever been encountered with crypto airdrop? Or looking for the best crypto airdrop sites? Hardly there is a big misconception about what are airdrops and the best crypto airdrop sites. Well. It’s nothing like the airplane airdrops that you probably have an image in your mind. The world of cryptocurrency has its own vocabulary of terms which are expanding as the market expands over time.

Airdrop is a kind of process by which companies distribute tokens to users free of cost. So the question is why companies do this? There are many reasons i.e. the distribution of tokens, raising funds, or creating awareness.

Do you want to get involved in Airdrops? We will get you through this. We have compiled a list of top crypto airdrops websites that might be helpful for you. Let’s have a look!

1. AirdropAlert

Live since 2017, this platform provides an extensive list of airdrops in the form of three lists showing active, past, and upcoming airdrops in the crypto market. You can get all information related to airdrop by clicking on the token showing on the website. This information includes i.e. how you can join, how much reward you get from airdrop, and many more.

They specifically choose airdrops which they want to list on their website. Every airdrop is validated specifically by its core team.  The platform promotes its airdrop in many social channels include Twitter, Facebook, and more. Although the user interface of the website is quite engaging and helpful in every way from providing the latest airdrops in the market to Newsfeed of happenings crypto market.

2. Airdrop King

There are many airdrops in the market which are fake and scam. Many of them are not worth participating in. To filter those airdrops is very time-consuming.

To get rid of this hustle airdrop king is the most efficient and reliable platform. This platform provides users with the well-researched and best airdrops in the market to get rewarded and make money out of them in no time with little effort. They rate every airdrop listed on their website with instruction to make it for the user as easy as possible.


This platform works as an aggregator for airdrops. It is another bitcoin airdrop platform where different communities showcase their projects to increase the demand, trade, and visibility of their project.

Most of the airdrops that this platform offers are “bounty” which you can get by completing social media tasks i.e. posting on twitter, telegram, and other social media websites. It’s a win-win situation because by doing so you will get a reward of free cryptos and the company will get free marketing.    

4. AirdropsMob

AirdropMob is well known for providing its users verified and legit airdrops and crypto bounties. For some of you who don’t know what crypto bounties are let us get you through this? Bounties are a small task that is performed repetitive i.e. posting on social media, filling out forms, and making content.

They manually personalize all crypto airdrops. This platforms also give access to their user to report airdrops with incomplete information, looks suspicious, and are not proved by the communities. The blockchain project manually checks all the data of the hosted airdrops before publishing them on the website.

They facilitate their user with a wider range of tokens. The website provides a helpful search bar that enables the selection of coins according to the requirements of the token company.

5. Airdropster

Launched in 2018, it is one of the Platforms that is competing with other airdrop platforms on a big scale. The main purpose of this platform is to notify airdrop enthusiasts as soon as possible about the free token.

We have discussed earlier airdropalert. Haven’t we? Airdropster has been partnered with airdropalert to promote the startups of the new blockchain. Their email alerts are quite beneficial as you can get alerts of the new airdrops available in the market through email directly in your inbox. Their main vision is to help the user find the best quality airdrop available in the market.

6. 99Airdrops

This is one of the easiest and best airdrop platform that was released in 2018. Either you are a newbie or an expert this platform helps you in every way that it can. It only shows valid projects by analyzing the different platforms such as Reddit and Facebook to ensure the authenticity of the airdrops.

The website offers a wide listing of airdrops along with their future price forecasts depending on the different factors. This platform is available exclusively 24 hours a day for its users to facilitate. The layout and design of their website are appealing and easy to understand for newbies.

If you are a newbie and want to learn about airdrops or if you want to earn rewards then this site is definitely to sort your issues out. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get all the latest news directly into your inbox.

7. Airdropter

It is a free community server of cryptocurrency. They offer one of the trustable and best airdrops in the crypto market.

They have a separate section on their website in which they list the best airdrops based on the legitimacy. The website allows users to filter the airdrops based on their search criteria, needs and requirements. Just like other platforms you can feature your airdrop. You just have to sign up on their website to get your airdrop featured.


This is another best airdrop platform available in the market right now for its users who want to join airdrop. On other platforms, you have to get all your background work to be done by yourself like searching for the best airdrops, their reviews, and their rating.

There would be so much hustle and it’s surely time-consuming. But here on this platform, they do all this dirty work by themselves. They regularly update their social media channels and websites daily with giveaways and upcoming airdrops in the market. Not only they list the current and upcoming airdrops on their channel they also make it easier to decide which airdrops and projects are worth joining.

For your ease, they also rate every airdrop to make sure that the user can be aware of the scams and join the best airdrop.

9. is a new airdrop platform in the market that has a broad and free token list for its users. Why this website made its way to our list is worth mentioning that it provides a clear design, allowing potential airdrop users to access all the new airdrops, the benefits they provide, their specifications, and much more.

It provides free service to all users that are interested in bounties and bitcoin airdrops. They hand-select every airdrop and analyze them before listing them on their website.

10. Airdrop Land

Airdrop land is a website listing ongoing airdrops with the condition on how to earn them. All of the airdrops listed on the website include links for easy access.

You can also submit airdrops if you find any interesting ones. They are verified by the website owners before published. It also allows the users to subscribe to the email list and get notifies about new airdrops. The profit that you can get per airdrop is around 0.5$ – 5$ but you can earn more reward if you have free time.


Each day hundreds of airdrops are making their way in the crypto market and the number is increasing day by day. There is no doubt that airdrops are currently the trend settlers in the crypto market but as the community is growing more and more frauds and scams are increasing.

In my opinion, airdrops are here to stay in the market and we can encourage new and productive airdrops based on how legit and reliable they are. This is an outstanding way. In the end, it is necessary to do your own work of researching and avoiding the projects that are scam and have no real-world implementation, no members, etc.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Are crypto airdrops worth it?

In general, YES. If you want to hunt profitable airdrops for yourself then time is the key element. You have to spend your maximum time investigating and on research to find the most suitable airdrop. Although crypto airdrops have a great concept and idea. They are here to stay and they will.

Are airdrops legit?

There are thousands of airdrops in the crypto market right now. Not all airdrops are the same or require the same action to work but there are dedicated platforms that help you choose the airdrops based on their legitimacy and how much they are worth in the market. So, you should keep track of official websites and keep yourself updated.

HEY, I have seen that you have read our blog post which is super great! Thank you!

There is 1 question for you: what do you think about airdrops. Do you think there is more to add to our list? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Cora Joe

Cora is an cryptocurrency enthusiast. She is doing freelance writing for over four years, researching and writing crypto guides, reviews, and latest cryptocurrency and blockchain news for various blogs and individuals world over.

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  1. Are there other posters? Am I the first? I don’t actively seek airdrops anymore. Will look at them to see what they may be of any value.
    Binance dropped me 100 TWT. Then kicked out U.S. and would not let me trans them out. $19 value cheated out of.

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