Cardano’s IOHK Team Proposes to Extend Incentivized Test network till Shelley mainnet Launch

Cardano’s IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) team which is led by Charles Hoskinson has decided to continue the Incentivized Testnet up to the launch of Shelley mainnet. The team was going to put an end to the Incentivized Test Network but now it is going to extend the ITN network till late July when the company plans to roll out the launch of its Shelley mainnet.

Cardano to continue the ITN for fast prototyping and testing

The IOHK team believes that the company should leverage the success of its ITN network for a little longer as it has been proving successful for them. Recently, Cardano updated its Jormungandr node which has been powering the Incentivized test network and released a new version of it.

According to IOHK, the decision for extending the ITN network is right as it will help the team at Jormungandr node to prototype and test various ideas onto the platform. The IOHK team believes that testing and prototyping will be crucial for the future development of Cardano, therefore, they are extending the ITN network. As the team stated:

We believe that we should try to leverage the success of the ITN a little longer. It has been a remarkable success story and we know most in the community feel the same way. We believe that continuing the ITN as a dedicated network for fast prototyping and testing could be a very valuable addition to Cardano’s future development. So we’d like to continue with this approach this summer, until the Shelley mainnet is fully deployed.

The Incentivized Test Network (ITN), according to the team, has been a great success for the Cardano network as it helped the company to ensure the development and security of its staking mechanisms. The company has asked for the Cardano community to give their suggestions on this decision.

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