Blockchain-Powered Game Studio raised $5M for its new Ethereum-based Card Game-SkyWeaver

The blockchain-based gaming company, Horizon, launches its new game called SkyWeaver. The new product is a card trading game-integrated on the Ethereum blockchain, that will let users own, earn, and trade cards without any interruption by the parent company. Horizon has raised $5 million for SkyWeaver so far.

Non-Custodial Wallet for in-game Items

Currently, the blockchain-powered gaming studio is working on two main projects to link games with a cryptographic algorithm. First, they have developed the platform, Arcadeum, where players can easily store their gaming items. Arcadeum platform is a wallet for storing in-games items, and users can also trader or sell their earned and purchased items.

Secondly, Horizon is planning to launch its first game that will change the scenario of the gaming world, as players will have full ownership of their cards and have a right to trade or sell cards. The in-game items stored in the Arcadeum wallet can be transferred to another wallet, making things outstanding and great.

Per the TechCrunch report, Horizon has raised $5 million for the game- SkyWeaver- so far. The new gaming project is backed by many giant firms including ConsenSys, Golden Ventures, CMT Digital, Regah Ventures, and DCG. The Initialized Capital is the giant investor whose share is big out of all.

The CEO and co-founder of the company, Peter Kieltyka, talked about how they have changed the things utilizing the Ethereum platform and made everything non-custodial.

To make SkyWeaver possible, we’ve developed a number of novel protocols and transaction infrastructure for Ethereum. Through clever and careful design, we’ve architected an Ethereum-based blockchain stack for virtual worlds that is non-custodial (i.e. players have full ownership of their items), user-friendly and easy to build on,

Kieltyka said.

User access is easy and any player can do things easily with no knowledge of blockchain. Kieltyka commented:

Even with no prior knowledge of blockchain, each and every player will be able to store, manage and trade their virtual items with a user-friendly wallet that we provide. Or, for those more familiar with blockchain, they’re welcome to use any other Ethereum wallet.


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