South Korean Government Taps Blockchain for Storing Clinical Diabetes Data Securely

The use of blockchain technology by worldwide organizations and companies is now increasing rapidly with each passing day. Various governments are also considering using blockchain technology in different areas as it ensures more security.

The most recent example is the South Korean government which is turning toward blockchain technology for storing clinical diabetes data more securely. Apart from storing data, the blockchain registry will also help the government to analyze and anonymize data as well.

The government chooses Sendsquare blockchain startup

According to the announcement made on Friday, the government has chosen the Sendsquare blockchain startup for this purpose. Sendsquare has been given the task to build out for the country a proof-of-concept project.

Various practitioners and clinical experts selected from the KyungHee University Medical Center of Seoul will collaborate and work with the blockchain startup. Initially, they will analyze clinical diabetes data gathered by the center during the past nine years.

As per the press release, it might take roundabout six months of work to complete this project. The initial focus will be on analyzing and anonymizing the data and then it will be implemented on the blockchain registry that the government desires to develop.

Sendsquare’s blockchain tech may help resolve data storage problems

The Professor at KyungHee Medical Center Suk Chon said in a statement that centralized services have not been helpful for them in the storage of data as they resulted in the loss and manipulation of data. As the Professor said:

Storing and collaborating work across a large volume of data using centralized services has proven unwieldy and subject to issues of data loss, duplication and manipulation.

Suk Chon is of the view that the blockchain tech of Sendsquare may help us resolve data issues and problems easily.

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