Chainlink Becomes 10th Largest Cryptocurrency by Market Cap after posting new ATH

Chainlink has achieved a significant milestone as the coin has entered into the list of top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and holding the tenth spot. This has happened because of the LINK’s recent surge to its all-time high.

Over the course of the last seven days, the price value of the coin has been increasing. Yesterday, its price skyrocketed by more than 20% which helped the coin to reach its new all-time high value of $8.53 today.

LINK surpasses’s CRO token

To reach its new rank on CoinMarketcap, Chainlink’s LINK has surpassed’s CRO token pushing it below to the eleventh spot. Currently, the market cap of LINK is standing at $2.7 billion.

LINK has been showing outshining performance for the last few days as the coin recorded an increase of over 40% in these days and hit its all-time high at $8.53. After posting its all-time high value, the coin has corrected downward and is currently trading at $7.78 with a change rate of 22.50% in 24 hours. This is still a record price level for the coin.

This means that LINK has now found a new price zone for it. The coin needs to sustain above $7 to make a further massive bullish move towards $10. A break below $7 might result in a bearish trend for the coin. If the current performance of the coin remains to continue it might be able to reach the $10 mark very soon.

Various analysts are predicting bullish sentiment for the tenth-ranked digital coin and believe that this crypto coin will post a new rally in the coming days. CFA Timothy Peterson even said recently that the LINK cryptocurrency is likely to become much bigger than that of the leading digital currency Bitcoin one day.

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