Byron Reboot for Cardano is now Live thus Moving Gradually to Shelley Mainnet

The most-awaited update for Cardona network- Byron Reboot- is now available for ADA holders as the CEO of IOHK announced the launch of Byron Reboot- Daedalus Flight- in his recent tweet. This development is very crucial to adapt to the Shelley network.

Byron Reboot is not a single update but it will happen in series upgrading various components of the network such as explorer, system node, and Daedalus Wallet with wallet backend. Charles Hockinson, the co-founder and CEO of IOHK, said while announcing the new development,

Byron Reboot is out. spread those wings and take flight!

According to IOHK’s blog post:

At the most fundamental level, the Byron reboot will improve the performance of the entire Cardano network. Transaction throughput capacity will significantly increase, and the network will be able to handle much higher demand and transactions per second.

The press release shared on IOHK’s platform shows that these preparations are for modifying the network in order to pave the path for a decentralized framework called Shelley. The new decentralized framework is

modular, separating the ledger, consensus, and network components of the node, allowing anyone of them to be changed, tweaked, and upgraded without affecting the others.

Daedalus Flight is Now Live

The company rolls out its wallet for feedback from the users.  The experimental version of the Daedalus Wallet called Daedalus Flight is now live for testing and the company asked the ADA holders to give feedback after using it.

Daedalus Flight is a new ‘pre-release’ version of the Daedalus wallet. We are inviting the community to join in our rolling release process by testing new features, finding bugs, submitting feature requests and sharing feedback.

the statement reads.

Aparna Jue, the product Director at IOHK, said:

We are doing this Byron Reboot step which is like an intermediary step to create that bridge. It is designed to be seamless, and it is really a milestone. And this just the technical side. From the users’ perspective, there are not going to notice too much of a migration disruption.

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