Bitcoin Supporter Jack Dorsey Successfully Survives to Lead Twitter

Bitcoin vocal supporter Jack Dorsey successfully survives to lead twitter despite the attempt made by his opponent Paul Singer to oust him.

Jack Dorsey is the vocal proponent of Bitcoin. He faces allegation from Paul Singer who has attempted to oust him on twitter. But, numerous members of the cryptocurrency industry stepped in to support Dorsey and made him survive his opponent’s attempt.

According to CNBC reports, Jack Dorsey will continue to lead the social media giant Twitter.

Bitcoin Giant Jack Dorsey Wins Battle on Twitter

Jack Dorsey is the co-founder and CEO of Twitter. He also owns the crypto-financial service provider Square and Square crypto. He is the vocal supporter of Bitcoin on Twitter.

Last week, Paul Singer attempted to oust Jack Dorsey from twitter leadership. Paul Singer is the founder of Elliott Management. He bought a four percent stake in twitter Last week. He attempted to oust Jack Dorsey on the grounds that he was allegedly diverting his attention to Square Crypto. Paul Singer was displeased with the CEO’s pro-crypto stance.

However, numerous members of the cryptocurrency industry stepped in to support Dorsey, including Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin who tweeted as:

I also #StandWithJack. Twitter certainly has flaws but @jack has done a vastly better job than what I expect/fear from a hedge fund appointed CEO swooping in to replace him

Dorsey Own Square Crypto and BTC’ Major Share

According to Dorsey’s analysis, Bitcoin would be the only currency in the future. He owns the major share of the Bitcoin industry. He makes his way to purchase $10,000 worth of BTC every week. Meanwhile, his financial service provider Square crypto also works for Bitcoin Core and the Lightning Network. He launched Square’s Cash App with 50% revenue in terms of the Bitcoin industry. His close liaison earned huge support from the crypto community on twitter.

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