SDF Announces the Integration of Stellar into the Samsung Blockchain Keystore

The non-profit organization Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) which focuses on supporting the growth and development of the Stellar network has announced on July 15, 2020, that Stellar has been integrated into the Samsung Blockchain Keystore. Through this integration, the users of Stellar will be able to store private keys on Samsung smartphones securely.

Stellar Lumens teams up with Samsung

According to the announcement of SDF, Stellar Lumens has partnered with Samsung allowing users to have easy access to the Stellar blockchain from their Samsung Galaxy smartphones. By using Samsung Blockchain Keystore, users can access the blockchain services of Stellar.

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) plans to improve and widen the blockchain ecosystem experience by collaborating with Samsung. The developer team of the Stellar ecosystem will also get support for developing compatible applications.

The CEO and Executive Director at SDF, Denelle Dixon is of the view that this integration with Samsung is a key step for their network and said that they have unveiled a new network of users that can leverage the benefits of innovation introduced by Samsung and Stellar together. She said:

Stellar’s integration into the Samsung Blockchain Keystore is a significant step for our network and the incredible ecosystem of applications built on this platform. Samsung provides a key management solution that is user-friendly and drives greater adoption of blockchain technology. With this integration, we’ve opened up to a new network of users that can benefit from the combined innovation of Stellar and Samsung. It’s just the beginning as we work together to empower more developers and users to leverage blockchain and the capabilities presented by this integration.

Stellar blockchain now would be accessible to millions of users as it has integrated with one of the top technological companies in the world that has a vast range of users all across the whole globe.

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