Bitcoin and smartphones equals modern betting

Few modern industries have escaped the reach of Bitcoin with the most popular and famous of all cryptocurrencies making a splash across the world of business. Thousands of transactions are made every day using Bitcoin with consumers using it to pay for groceries, holidays, make investments and book cinema tickets. Some even choose to have their wages paid in this exciting currency.

Another area that has been dragged into the Bitcoin revolution is online gambling. The leading names in the sportsbook gambling industry, such as betonline, are always looking for new and innovative ways to stay ahead of the game. They want to give their members choice while attracting new customers by keeping up to speed with every and all important changes. That’s why you can now place bets on football, horse racing, greyhounds, tennis, boxing and all other major sports using Bitcoin.

The gambling industry has changed almost beyond all recognition in recent years. Today, the majority of bets are placed using smartphones that allow gamblers to wager from anywhere in the country. They can bet using a mobile app then watch the action through an HD quality live stream on the same platform. Now, with the added convenience of being able to bet in Bitcoin, you are in complete control of what you bet on, where you bet and how you pay for those bets.

The benefits of betting with Bitcoin

Bitcoin lends itself perfectly to the gambling industry as well as the needs and wants of modern bettors. When gambling on sports, we want everything now. There should be no time wasted hunting for bets, comparing odds and searching for the best market. It should all be available at the click of a button. Bettors have become used to getting things instantly and they make no apologies for that.

The need for speed is mainly due to the fact we don’t have a lot of time in our hectic daily schedule. If we want to place a bet on the evening’s live sporting event and a bookie wishes us to do it with them then they had better make it easy. We want to spend more time cheering on our bets and less time placing them. The quicker you can place your gambles, the better odds will be available.

Now let’s look at how Bitcoin ties in with that. Bitcoin is fast, reliable and secure. All transactions are instant, while being protected by the latest online security measures. When using Bitcoin to cover your stakes you are benefiting from two lines of protection, one from the cryptocurrency itself and the other from your chosen betting app. This gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your sensitive information is protected. It allows you to concentrate on betting and enjoying the experience.

The benefits of smartphone betting

Online betting changed the industry but the only problem with the ability to bet from the comfort of your own home using a desktop computer was you needed to be at home to wager. Now, that’s no longer an issue faced by modern bettors thanks to smartphone gambling apps.

The leading bookies offer apps and mobile optimised sites that have everything theri website does. You’ll find all the same sports, promotions, odds, markets and features. If you can do it on the website you can expect to do it on your mobile. The one striking difference is the app allows you to gamble from anywhere, anytime. You are in complete control and the app is always ready to go when you are.

You can use the app at home, of course, but it can also be called upon when watching sports at the stadium, a sports bar or when at work. A bet is always just a click away and the user-friendly nature of the best sportsbook apps means you can bet with a single click. Ideal for securing the best odds on a match that is already in-play and when used alongside Bitcoin, there isn’t a quicker, more convenient and secure way to gamble.

Give it a try today and see for yourself. Choose a bookmaker and create an account before downloading the app to your smartphone. Deposit with Bitcoin and you will have the power of betting at your fingertips.

Adeline G.

Adeline Gibbs works as an analyst and content writer for NewsBitcoin247 and specializes in price analysis and blockchain technology. She is also actively involved in the crypto community - she love to trade and made some extra bucks.

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