Ripple (XRP) Price is heading toward $0.25 expecting 40-50% Mid-Term gains

The world’s third-ranked digital asset XRP is currently revolving around the $0.15 level. XRP is struggling to go up from this price zone. Some crypto analysts believe that the crypto asset is on its way to $0.25 breaking above the $0.20 level.

Crypto traders are suggesting bullish momentum ahead for XRP and are of the view that the third-ranked coin will record some positive gains in the mid-term.

XRP reached crucial support: 40-50% profit in mid-term is expected

A crypto analyst and trader, Captain Faibik says that XRP has reached a crucial support level at 2400 Sats. According to him, $0.25 is the next target for XRP. He says that it is the time for mid-term holders to grab this opportunity as he is expecting a 40-50% profit in the mid-term. He also presented an XRP-BTC chart supporting his prediction.

Another crypto trader Alex_Clay is also expecting a significant rise in the price value of XRP. He predicts that $0.17358 is the next level for XRP. According to him, the XRP price has successfully formed ‘an inverse head and shoulders bullish pattern’. He also advises traders to do their own research before going for trading. He said:

We completed one target on previous upward wave. now price formed an inverse head and shoulders bullish pattern, which means we can take a long position. Do not trade this idea before you make your own analysis!

A rising wedge pattern is formed

According to a trader named David Smith, XRP price has formed a rising wedge pattern which is bearish at the moment and thinks that XRP price will go down to $0.15310.

Price printed a rising wedge pattern. We can go short only on a confirmed breakout of the support trendline with a small risk.

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