ChainLink (LINK) token price records a new all time high in the past month

The price of Link, which is the native token of the Chainlink network, surged in the last 48 hours gaining around 40% in that period. This made the token among the top ten in the crypto market.

Chain Link is a cryptocurrency-based project. Due to additional security, there are no reliability issues, and its very transparent because there is only one point of information rather than the date being secured through various nodes, which might cause leakage of information.

Chainlink also makes use of its ‘Chainlink Aggregating Contract’ which validates the data from the trusted oracles and analyses it to make sure the data is accurate and transparent.

ChainLink surges

Chainlink (LINK), on the other hand, has been enjoying a huge increase in price over the past month, due to altcoin surge. The altcoin recently broke its all-time-high to see a price tag of $8,80 USD, which is double the value it held a month ago when it was trading at $4,15 USD.

This new push in value has sent Chain link into the top ten traded tokens on Coin Market Cap, as it overtook Litecoin, EOS, and Coin. At present, Chainlink is still trading in the green in daily trading, with a 2.16% increase. However, it’s future is quite unpredictable and uncertain as to whether the altcoin will see a second surge, or will continue to rally, or whether it will be facing a dip. Critics like Messari’s Ryan Selkis have been against the Chain link’s fundamentals claiming they are misunderstood. A report by U. Today quoted;

Chainlink is proof that no one knows what they’re talking about and crypto ‘fundamentals’ is basically macro sentiment, alchemy, and animal spirits.

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Adeline Gibbs works as an analyst and content writer for NewsBitcoin247 and specializes in price analysis and blockchain technology. She is also actively involved in the crypto community - she love to trade and made some extra bucks.

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