Ripple donates to several charity foundations to fight against COVID-19

Ripple has decided to contribute to the noble cause in these testing times for the community that is not able to meet their daily requirements. There are a large number of people in the world that are suffering in the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Ripple has decided to donate $200,000 to San Francisco-based non-profit Tipping Point Community and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

The Tipping Point Community is a non-profit based foundation as said earlier and works tirelessly for the people around in the region. The people in the region are not even able to earn themselves a good meal one time in a day.

The Tipping Point Community covers the region that is basically driven by poverty and helps them by donating. Currently, when the world is suffering from the economic disaster and the businesses are getting affected big time with people losing their jobs, Ripple has shown intent in helping these non-profit Foundations so that they could help more and more people.

Ripple and Binance charity to support the noble cause!

As per some reports, with the Coronavirus hitting all over the globe and people are suffering big time both economically and health-wise, Ripple has decided to play its part by helping the people in remote areas in order to decrease the Coronavirus spread.

Apart from this, Brad Garlinghouse the CEO of Ripple has also made it clear that the health of the company’s team is more important and they will be provided every possible help.

Moreover, several exchanges have also come forward to support the suffering people due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Binance Charity which is basically a Blockchain-based donation platform of one of the top exchanges in the world in the form of Binance exchange has shown intent to support people in these testing times. Binance Charity has donated $1 million in the campaign fighting against the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

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