Is Bitcoin anonymity for honest people?

Cryptocurrency is good in that information about transactions is forever recorded on the blockchain in the public domain, and therefore, Bitcoins can be trusted. There are no records on crypto transactions in the databases of banks and governments, but due to the transparency of the blockchain, anyone can track transfers between addresses, and if desired, identify the owners of crypto wallets. Although the cryptocurrency is protected by encryption and a distributed registry, the information about any transactions can be used as you like, including to harm the holders of digital assets.

Threats to transparency for crypto holders

Initially, cryptocurrencies are anonymous on the principle of the device, since it does not require registration and verification of the identity of users. Crypto was created for free payments, but this is when the wallet will be associated with your personality, anything is possible. There are already many different ways to bind crypto addresses that hackers and governments seek to use to steal digital funds and control citizens and their finances.

If you have nothing to hide from the authorities, this does not mean that you do not need anonymity, since open information about your crypto finances is an open way for the theft of your money both by cyber thieves and ordinary robbers by identifying your location via IP address.

Trading in digital assets through or even simple cashing through exchangers poses a threat to your privacy since this usually requires the provision of your passport data, your account, or credit card details, after which you can easily be associated with your Bitcoin or other crypto address. Having learned one of your wallets, it is practically not difficult to find out all your addresses. Even the usual payment for goods with delivery can reveal your identity to everyone.

When criminals find out that you have money, then thieves, extortionists, or kidnappers may want to take your money from you in their favorite professional way. Increasingly, such cases occur in modern life, regardless of whether it is virtual or real.

Here, almost the only obstacle to such an unpleasant development of events will be a cryptocurrency mixer, which will not allow you to track and deanonymize your digital money and your identity. A Bitcoin blender makes your coins anonymous, protecting the privacy of transactions and your personal data. By using a quality cryptocurrency mixing service, you will protect your privacy and financial secrecy and security.

Rights and crypto protection

Intruders usually analyze the blockchain, what to find out who and where, and how much it receives and sends cryptocurrencies. Sooner or later, if your money interests them, then he will be able to connect your Bitcoin wallet with your personality, using proven methods of analysis and hacking, you just need to get the starting address.

Your IP address is known to all nodes in the system, but as long as your data is not compromised, you are safe. However, hackers can establish a correspondence between your wallet and IP address using special nodes when they can find the source of the transfer. They can also use the provider’s IP address to determine who they belong to. Using a cryptocurrency blender, you break the data chain about where and when you bought crypto and where it was transferred.

Bitcoin blender confuses the trail and does not allow one to track your coin transfers, both incoming and outgoing, regardless of what you spend your cryptocurrency on. The crypto mixing service maximally limits the circle of people who know who you are and what your wallet address is, also preventing one from determining how much money you spent and how you use your crypto assets, as well as of course you must adhere to the rules of confidentiality yourself.

It will be especially effective to mix your first crypto so that initially no one will be able to track you. Use, for example, a reliable BitMix.Biz crypto mixer to avoid risking your money and get the exact result you need.

These features of BitMix.Biz eliminate the probability of personality disclosure

Cryptocurrency mixers usually operate on similar principles, but you must first choose a reliable and honest service, and secondly, one that provides the highest level of information security. Why did we talk about BitMix.Biz, as one of those that offer the maximum anonymity of crypto?

Before entering the digital currency for mixing, you will receive a guarantee letter with the generated addresses of the crypto-wallets from BitMix.Biz, which you can verify for authenticity with the key 1BitmixQRMUHYYEi11KBRhSfACa1BtcZrZ. This will limit you from possible errors and transferring crypto to one of the felonious copies of BitMix.Biz, which may be dangerous for your funds.

In addition, at some specialized forums on crypto topics, the service stores a guarantee deposit of $ 15,000, which acts as a guarantee fund. This will be especially true for those who want to mix large amounts in crypto. If you are interested in such coin cleaning with a guarantee, you can write to BitMix.Biz customer support by e-mail to find out more about this.

A delayed transaction confuses snooping on a temporary basis, not allowing analyzers to determine the ownership of a cryptocurrency by sending time. There is also an additional way to confuse the traces of crypto with a random service fee, which prevents the transaction from being determined by the amount since the level of mixing commission will not be available for analysis. A random commission will not allow any to do this, because it will be different each time at your discretion, or randomly in automatic mode.

Multi transactions offer increased randomization of mixing by sending cleared coins to the user in several transfers. This does not allow the pursuers to even come close to your identification, greatly increasing the complexity of the transaction analysis in the blockchain.

In addition, BitMix.Biz does not store any information about mixing transactions for more than 72 hours, and you can delete data immediately as soon as you verify that everything was successful. In addition to everything, BitMix.Biz users gain the opportunity to earn more on the affiliate program of the service.



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