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BitcoinMix.ORG a Service That Helps You to Stay Anonymous Using Cryptocurrency

So you think bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the other cryptocurrencies are anonymous from the stories and the news. This should be. Yet it certainly isn’t for all of us. It helps one to take a better look into how the funds are delivered. The user’s got addresses. Each address has a balance point. The balance consists of all transactions which are stored on a ledger it means that everybody will see every tiny move in bitcoin. This is what we call Pseudonymous in the crypto market.

This means you are not truly private, since all the transactions are linked to one address publicly. It can’t be a big problem, but it can be a problem in terms of privacy, particularly with serious criminals. Let’s assume that you want private transactions. You have to take care of the address for the beginning. As a person, it should not be connected with you. Let’s assume someone has recently made a transaction form Address A to Address B. Okay, good, nothing is there. Since no one knows who holds the A and B address. The protection is gone once a connection exists between the name of the person and address A.

How Do Bitcoin Mixers Work?

The process is very simple you send your funds to the mixer, these funds mixed by the mixer, Next, the mixer pays the target. Nobody knows whose money came through which address in that way. There are a few different ways to achieve this at the technical level. Of note,

Privacy is the core function of the mixers. This is also necessary to ensure that the system is not affected and evaluated. Most mixers have selected an open-source platform to create trust.

Transaction fees are the last thing that you need to pay to the mixer to complete the transaction. Transaction costs happen twice in the mixer model (sent to the mixer and from there to the source address). The Bitcoin network is a public ledger. In the year to come, authorities might find out who owned some addresses.  It helps them to trace transactions. It’s a rather cautious expression. Technically involved are the Bitcoin mixers. They provide confidentiality and secrecy.

Bitcoin Mixer: Designed for your anonymity in the Crypto World

If you want to maintain your privacy when making purchases, then the Bitcoin Mixer (Bitcoin Tumbler) is an excellent tool. You will also make purchases and contributions for p2p. The service is used to blend the funds of an individual and send him some fresh bitcoins. Bitcoin Mixer focuses on ensuring that the mixer can deceive the trail because anyone can seek to find the source. The perfect combination is the one that maximizes anonymity. Bitcoin Mixer makes it difficult to track any bitcoin transaction.

One of the major offshore purposes of the Bitcoin mixer is to save privacy at any level. The platform makes it possible to mix coins as soon as possible because of enough available resources. One of the best things that happen is that it requires no personal information. One of the major reasons to use the bitcoin mixer is that the website never stores any logs of your previous transaction. As soon as you are done, the website automatically goes default.

The whole system of Bitcoin Mixer is automated. It means that the service does not need any physical presence of the human being to operate on the backend. When the mixing is done, the system automatically removes all the data that you have provided to make the transaction happen. Bitcoin Mixer is only charging a 2-5% transaction fee.

Ethereum Mixer: That Provide Best Privacy to your Ether Transactions

When it comes to Ethereum, we have to accept it either way that be the default, Ethereum is not anonymous. Anyone willing to can see from which and where your ether is coming from. What is important is to try not to locate which address is yours. For that, we have an Ethereum Mixer. This is what they are generally doing from the past for the crypto enthuses. They break the connection between you and the link of the transaction you have made. Ethereum mixer makes it possible.

So are you wondering how does it work? When you send your ether to mix, they ask for you the address where you have to send your ether. They already have stores premixed ether into their servers. So it does not take that long to make it happen in real. Your old ether that will be stored in their reserves. For the safety of not giving back to you your ether. They completely remove all your log information from their servers. The main purpose to clear a log is that whenever you make future Mixing with the Ethereum Mixer, you would not be traced.

Yes, the platform is indeed providing professional services. And in return, they charge a tiny amount of transactional fee that is fixed per generated address. The fees do not vary from transaction to transaction. They charge a fixed amount percentage of about 2% to 5%. There is an alternative way of cutting the transaction fee by giving 0.001 Ether to the Ethereum Mixer.


The way transactions on Blockchain are constructed, it often leads to revealing information about the users. The above mixer provides transparent anonymity by breaking the connection between the users and the addresses. While there are so many good reasons to adopt the mixer, it has to be remembered that there are two aspects of everything, the good and the bad. In the dark web environment, the mixers can also be used for bad purposes. That’s why we mentioned BitcoinMix in that article, it doesn’t have a deep web .onion based domain, it was created to serve average cryptocurrency users with good intentions.

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