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Global Bitcoin Mining Community Launched by Mining Grid: Introducing the ‘Mining Race’ Platform

December 11, 2023: Mining Grid ,The Blockchain technology-based startup, is thrilled to announce the official launch of its groundbreaking initiative, ‘Mining Race’. This innovative program is set to make waves in the mining community on a global scale.

In recent days, Bitcoin’s hash rate, the measure of computing power needed for transaction verification and cryptocurrency generation through mining, reached unprecedented levels of over 550 EH/s. This remarkable growth in hash rate highlights the increasing strength and activity within the Bitcoin network.

Ahead of the BTC Halving early next year, miners are looking to lock in more profits. Coupled with the fact that the value of Bitcoin has risen over 149% since the beginning of the year, presents a great opportunity for miners. As the demand for BTC mining continues to skyrocket, the Mining Grid positions itself as a pioneer in this thriving industry.

Headquartered in the UAE, Mining Grid is led by a visionary board consisting of H.H. Sheikh Saeed bin Hasher Al-Maktoum, Solaiman Al-Rifai, and Rami Alsridi. With their expertise and passion for innovation, they are driving the company toward new heights in the crypto world.

Mining Race is experiencing rapid growth, with an impressive community of over 1500 subscribers from 35 countries during its soft launch. However, it has a goal of reaching a diverse community of 1 million subscribers from all over the world by 2025. In the world of Mining Race, subscribers are referred to as ‘Racers’ and are allocated a position on the network called a ‘Spot’. The Mining Race application is available for both iOS and Android platforms, providing a seamless experience for Racers. It includes a non-custodial wallet, ensuring the highest level of security. The app offers convenient access for Racers to set up an account, reserve their Spot, and effortlessly connect their Bitcoin miners, apart from monitoring and withdrawing their earnings. Mining Race also provides a dashboard, which presents real-time updates for Racers. Additionally, it has a Racers Club where Racers can keep track of their standings in various Races.

Rami Alsridi, the Founder and Managing Director of Mining Grid said, “We provide enhanced accessibility for individuals keen on Bitcoin mining. Mining Race allows subscribers to access mining services such as buying a Bitcoin miner with hosting services, monitoring its performance, and receiving mining rewards. Our platform is designed to cater to both, experienced miners and those who are new to crypto.”

Mining Race revolutionizes Bitcoin mining by integrating racing into the community ecosystem. The Racers mine Bitcoin for rewards and contribute to the community. Rewards are distributed among connected Spots, promoting teamwork and growth. Mining Race complements traditional mining, ensuring fairness with smart contracts. Racers also enjoy community activities like Races, incentive campaigns, and various other bonuses. Compared to solo mining, Mining Race encourages collaboration and maximizes rewards. Empowering its community, Mining Race leads the charge in global Bitcoin mining expansion.

Solaiman Al-Rifai, Founder and Board Member of Mining Grid added, “Mining Race addresses the evolving needs of the diverse Blockchain community. As the world embraces the future of technology, Mining Grid leads the charge with a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and a greener tomorrow.”

Throughout this journey, Mining Grid remains committed to robust environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. In line with its commitment, Mining Grid has initiated the ‘Race to Zero Carbon’ campaign. Traditional Bitcoin mining relies heavily on non-renewable energy sources, which poses significant environmental challenges. By contributing a portion of their earnings towards this initiative, all Racers demonstrate their dedication to supporting projects aligned with Mining Grid’s vision for a sustainable future and environmental protection.

Future Plans:

Mining Grid’s future plans include network expansion, technological advancements, and global adoption. They aim to attract more individuals and organizations to the Mining Race platform, creating a robust mining network. Continuous investment in cutting-edge technologies and software development will enhance the user experience and support projects within the broader crypto community. Additionally, Mining Grid is actively working to increase global adoption by providing easy access to Bitcoin mining services and creating a user-friendly platform, making cryptocurrency mining accessible worldwide.

About Mining Grid:

Mining Grid is a leading provider of sustainable Blockchain solutions, committed to revolutionizing the global mining industry. With a focus on eco-friendly transparent practices and cutting-edge technology, Mining Grid empowers users worldwide to participate in the future of Blockchain with confidence and responsibility.

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