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Alien Worlds Price Prediction 2023-2030 | is TLM a Good Investment

In this guide, we’ll look at the TLM price forecast 2023,2025 and 2030. On the future of Alien Worlds (TLM), we will discuss our personal and market opinion. It’s important to keep in mind that this and any other projection is only the opinion of a few market analysts. Note to add that predicting anything so real is difficult. We shall, nevertheless, do our utmost to achieve the best out of it. So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into it.

About Alien Worlds (TLM)

Alien Worlds is a game in which you mine for Trilium (TLM) and receive a chance to win an NFT game card each time you mine. This DeFi Metaverse is a public blockchain-based game that is absolutely free to play. TLM tokens are the game’s currency, and players must use them to buy and upgrade items, as well as participate in quests and battles.

TLM Overview

NameAlien Worlds
1h Price Change-0.50%
24h Volume$17,609,308.00
Market cap$53,396,801.00
Max Supply6,424,032,311.00

TLM can be used to stake a claim to one or more of the six planets and register as a candidate for a position on the planetary council, with the prospect of ruling the planet.

In Alien Worlds, TLM coin is a limited resource that players may utilize to grow their authority in the game by staking and voting in Planet Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (PDAOs). Alien Worlds is presently available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Wax Blockchain, allowing users to choose their preferred network.

BSC integration, on the other hand, could assist cut gas fees in mining and NFT collections. Players in the planet’s governance can stake their TLM to get access to potential benefits. To participate in TLM and NFT mining, players must stake TLM on a certain planet. Active users can earn TLM as participation awards to help expand the in-game ecosystem and activities.

TLM Price Prediction

After considering and analyzing all of the possible factors that can effect the price of Alien Worlds (TLM) in the both short and long term, we are making below TLM price predictions:


Alien Worlds Price Prediction FAQs

Is TLM a good investment?

Alien Worlds is highly rewarding cryptocurrency game in the current going market and staking in it allows users to make passive revenue using the yield farming approach.

How high can Alien Worlds (TLM) go 2023?

TLM has a definite potential to soar even higher, and if this upward trend continues, the token will grow strong and can reach 0.10$ in 2023.

Can TLM hit $5?

TLM has a high demand after being listed on well-known exchanges, and its continued growth will help the token attain a value of $5 in the future years.

Bottom Line

Although we have spoken everything about the Alien Worlds (TLM) related to its origin and how this game works, because of its potential and relevance, any investment in it will pay off. Due to latest gaming trend in crypto world, we’d say this is an excellent addition to your portfolio. Although these forecasts can be helpful, they shouldn’t be relied upon as the only reason for making an investment choice. According to specialists, technical analyses and external variables influence their conclusions. Therefore, it’s also good to gather your ideas and utilize the forecasts to form your own.

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