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5 best cryptocurrencies for short-term investment to make quick money

The Mark of Blockchain-based cryptocurrency has grown hugely over the last decade. The market is expected to grow towards its new peak around the middle of this year in 2022. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit

Within the market, there are tons of options for new investors. But not all of the projects or tokens will see good results in the future. For short-term investment, these 5 cryptocurrencies are worth looking at.


  • Bitcoin is the most popular coin or token in the cryptocurrency world.
  • It is the most valuable cryptocurrency and the most renowned currency in the blockchain industry.
  • This was created in 2009 during the economic recession by pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • Nowadays, many well-known companies accept direct bitcoin transactions as a currency to exchange for any goods or service.
  • Companies like Tesla can also use this to hold for the future as an asset.
  • The government cannot control them on blockchain technology like traditional currencies that depend on fiat money that central banks issue.
  • The Bitcoin market crossed 1 trillion dollars after being around for only 12 years.
  • With the acceptance of this currency, this is not going to go down anytime soon.


  • It is known to be the second-largest crypto in the digital asset’s market following Bitcoin. Throughout time Ethereum has proved itself to be hugely profitable. This token is also profitable for mining.
  • Ethereum is different from Bitcoin by its unique blockchain technology that allows developers to develop software or applications to run on Ethereum’s blockchain like Sandbox or MATIC. This is why it is the most popular among the developers.
  • Ethereum is moving from POW computing power that consumes a lot of energy and resources to mine towards a much more efficient way of mining POS (proof-of-stake) that Bitcoin is based on.
  • Also, all the transactions for NFT’s and metaverse transactions are made by Ethereum. With the support of the developers and the launch of the metaverse, this may cross Bitcoin’s value in the future.

Binance coin

  • Binance coin or BNB was launched in 2017 to facilitate trades towards being used for buying goods or booking travels. With this coin, users can pay fees or trade on one of the largest crypto exchanges.
  • The best thing about holding or being a user of a Binance coin is that when they pay fees or trade using a Binance coin or BNB, they get discounts. This fee reduction for the users has been drawing new users every day since 2017.
  • Another reason to stick with BNB is that they committed to burning a certain number of tokens 4 times a year until it reaches its 50% volume. This can provide exclusivity, which promises a rise in market value.


  • Polkadot is a little bit different from other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Ethereum.
  • Polkadot connects and joins other different blockchains to other Blockchains.
  • This enables the different blockchains to work together.
  • This approach is unique and different from other crypto-based tokens.
  • This coin holds huge potential for the future.
  • Science 2020, after its launch, the market cap has increased significantly and is still going up through 2022.


  • Since 2013 after its launch in the market, it has gained prominence and established itself as one of the famous and profitable tokens among others like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • It started as a joke.
  • But now, after getting accepted and backed up by some of the largest companies like SpaceX, Dallas, and Kronos, it sits among other leading tokens.


There is no way to ignore the success of cryptocurrencies in today’s world. Cryptocurrency is not going anywhere soon. As of today, you should give it a go, especially if you are young. But, if you are in your 20s and can or afford to take the risk, then just go for it. Remember that diversity of your portfolio is important. So try to invest a part of your portfolio in cryptocurrency.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are investing in crypto.

  1. The speed of completion of the transactions.
  2. The fees associated with the transaction.
  3. Acceptance of the token.
  4. A little bit of knowledge or insight on what the company has promised and what they are doing now.

Remember that the whole world is going digital. So cryptocurrencies are not limited to making quick bucks. Instead, keep calm while inviting and consider them as long-term investments.


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