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Let us know what EOS is

EOS decentralized to make more development of all those applications which is supposed to be a blockchain platform, which is very similar to Ethereum in function. It has been seen by some supporters that it was just an Ethereum killer. It is considered a very good operating system that makes a complete set of functions and services as well as makes app development very easy and can be used by all apps including biticodes. Talking about the idea of ​​EOS, it is like some different smart contract technologies with their features and best as well as some promises to be put together. Simply put, the EOS community is doing a lot of work to provide some of the easiest, massively scalable DApp platforms that the EOS community has found to be very useful for everyday users.

How Does EOS Work?

One of the key tasks of EOS Vision is to build a blockchain dApp platform that can seamlessly and securely scale thousands of transactions in a matter of seconds without any interruptions. While some apps provide a very accessible experience to developers, users, and entrepreneurs. Their purpose is only to provide services such as user authentication, server hosting, and cloud storage together and to provide a very simple operating system for decentralised applications.

How To Buy EOS?

The easiest way to buy EOS is to buy it on Binance in USDT, ETH, or BTC only. You can also buy it anytime on Huobi and Bitfinex, or OKEx with no hassles but that doesn’t mean the process is as straightforward as we all understand it to be. Let’s say we currently have only USD, so don’t think that it is USD only, you have some extra steps also. To start with, we first require you to set up only one account on a platform which is a must for crypto exchanges as it supports all fiat. GDAX and Gemini are all popular alternatives like Coinbase. Whenever we create only one account, first of all, we should link our bank account without any thought and then send USD to the platform from where we can buy bitcoin without any interruption. Now that all the processes are done, you have already become the owner of a bitcoin, so you can now send it to Binance anytime from your original exchange and finally, you can trade your bitcoin with EOS, on Binance. That too is possible without any hindrance.

Where Should I Store Eos?

You should always know where you would if you had to store your EOS tokens correctly. There are times in which you have to choose that we have several community-made wallets that are safe. Grimas Wallet seems to be the most favourite of all the community. In this, you get everything that helps us to store our tokens as well as the layout in use. We all need to vote for block producers. Simples is considered to be a solid option that is recommended to all members of the community in the right way. As we know from the name itself, we have to pay special attention to the simplicity of the wallet so that novice token holders feel comfortable whenever they use it.


So, you all must have understood how to use it and EOS is such a proven team that performs high vision completely dubious as well as build some controversial project in the dapp field. You should know that a billion budget is always more than enough. Along with this, I want to tell you one thing whether we want to love it or hate it, one thing is certain EOS is not going anywhere anytime soon.


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