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Coinpresso Launches to support Crypto with Digital

Today – Coinpresso, a Crypto Marketing Agency derived on performance – has launched in a bid to address the shortfall in Digital Marketing expertise within the crypto space.

The company has launched with the website and proposition immediately going live to new clients, with projects already having onboarded to the service.

Not just another PR agent, Coinpresso will provide campaigns that are tailored as per a project’s use-cases and keywords – in order to provide legacy effects to Content – as opposed to the transactional, low quality service currently offered by existing agents in the space.

Specialists amongst an industry of Cowboys

The current cryptocurrency marketing spectrum see’s a playing field of the same agents.

Purely focused on margins and pumping out articles en masse, the eye for quality and optimisation is non-existent. Most of the top agencies in the space do not know how to rank a site on the first Page of Google, yet take obscene amounts of money for content that doesn’t rank or provide an ongoing effect to keyword performance.

The Crypto PR space has become awash with poor quality, rinse-repeat work whereby agents look to send as many articles out as possible, with no care as to structured content or HTML. Duplicate articles being farmed to as many distributors as possible is the norm, with no mind for the end result.

Coinpresso does things differently. Campaigns are set up with keyword research in mind, and a vehement focus on quality over quantity, as opposed to the regurgitation models that existing PR distributors use.

The SEO Experts

The tech team looks to provide clients with “supercharged” rankings and traffic performance.

As opposed to spending more time boosting their own twitter followers and singing acapellas as is the current standard, this team spends time working for their clients – in order to get them to the first Page of Google for their chosen search terms.

The SEO team has over 12 years combined experience, of which has allowed them to rank existing clients on Page 1 alongside the industry’s biggest players, on just a fraction of the budget.

Coinpresso positions itself as the Number 1 Crypto agency for Performance, due to its performance within Google’s SERPs and the SEO arena. The team’s experience is one of the more substantial within crypto marketing, just on the basis of the team’s past employment, and knowledge of the crypto space.

This is a no frills, all action agency, that looks to create case studies with every client it serves.

Putting Clients First

The main modus operandi of the team is client success. The agency is said to be providing an ROI-based approach to it’s marketing funnels, depending on a client’s requirements. Having recently signed some notable clients – including Octaplex – the service is evidently attracting interest.

The purpose of Coinpresso is simple. Address the lack of quality SEO and Content within Crypto. Our approach to rankings and traffic is incandescently different to any other of the market leaders out there – they even ask us how to rank their clients’ sites! That’s how we know we are the best, at such a young age.

– Liam Quinlan-Stamp – Founder

This agency is one to watch for the future, as they look to onboard new clients who are fed up with the current transactional PR services that currently exist in the space. The power of Google Search within crypto is largely untapped, and is an area where Coinpresso are looking to help crypto projects gain further success in attracting mainstream audiences.

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