Audius Price Prediction

Audius Price Prediction 2023,2025,2030 | Can Audius hit $5?

In this guide, we’ll look at the Audius price forecast/prediction 2023,2024,2025 and 2030. On the future of Audius coin, we will discuss our personal and market opinion.

It’s important to keep in mind that this and any other projection is only the opinion of a few market analysts. Note to add that predicting anything so real is difficult. We shall, nevertheless, do our utmost to achieve the best out of it. So what are we waiting for?

Let’s dive into it.

About Audius?

Audius is a 2018 decentralized music streaming service with a social media component. It allows musicians to upload their songs to the app and connects fans with artists and fresh music. It’s a decentralized blockchain technology that allows artists to produce immutable and timestamped records for their creative works, which are protected by a network of node operators.Recently, AUDIO partnership with tiktok and the price of Audius reaches its all time highs.

Audius Coin Overview

1h Price Change-0.46%
24h Volume$5,355,346.00
Market cap$223,891,506.00
Max Supply1,249,173,560.00

AUDIO’s future is fully determined by $AUDIO governance, as it is a platform owned and operated by its users. The voting weight of $AUDIO staked for value-added services is directly correlated to the voting weight of $AUDIO. It began on the POA Network, an Ethereum sidechain, before migrating to the Solana blockchain for some of its services.

it also allows developers to create their own apps, providing them access to a unique audio library. It is unique among music streaming services in that it is built on the blockchain, which has a significant impact on how the service operates.

Artists can freely post their tracks, and fans can freely listen to them, all while earning (crypto) money. Due of Audius’ lack of centralized authority, artists from oppressive regimes who utilize music as a medium of dissent and protest can perform in a safe environment.

Audius Price Prediction

After considering and analyzing all of the possible factors that can effect the price of Audius (AUDIO) in the both short and long term, we are making below AUDIO price predictions:

2024 $0.23 $0.22 $0.25
2025 $0.34 $0.33 $0.40
2026 $0.47 $0.46 $0.56
2027 $0.71 $0.68 $0.80
2028 $1.01 $0.98 $1.16
2029 $1.42 $1.38 $1.66
2030 $2.03 $1.95 $2.41
2031 $3.00 $2.90 $3.31
2032 $4.24 $4.08 $5.00
2033 $6.16 $5.94 $7.03

Audius Coin Price Prediction FAQs

Is Audius a good investment?

AUDIO (AUDIO) can be a good long term investment, if team continue to add more features to the platform which will indeed attract more user base.

How high can Audius go 2023?

Audius has shown great potential and the AUDIO price could $0.50 by 2023 as a result of the growing community.

Can Audius hit $5?

The present price indicates that AUDIO has a long way to go before reaching its goal. While $5 may seem like a far-off goal right now but it has many chances to accomplish this target in near year future.


So what’s the future of Audius  that we have discussed above?  Algorithms imply that the Audius’s value will grow in the long run, according to predictions. You should consider AUDIO if you have a spare dollar lying around and are willing to invest it over the next five years. The community power of the Audius is somewhere amazing and will lead its price to further new highscfor the future growth of AUDIO.

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