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PlayV Unveils New Avatar Design for PlayV Web 2022

Meet Your New PlayV Avatar

PlayV, the crypto trading strategy marketplace, announced its new updated avatar design for the PlayV Web service. PlayV is a trading strategy marketplace where individual investors can directly invest in crypto trading strategies created and managed by pro-traders. The product design team from PalyV has adopted different voices and behavior of users collected from the open beta test into its product.

PlayV is a trading strategy marketplace where individual investors can directly invest in crypto trading strategies created and managed by pro-traders. PlayV allows investors in the world to quickly and easily experience cryptocurrency investment by purchasing the pro-traders strategy in steps. Especially,  the amount of investment money of $50 provides investors an easy crypto trading service. The marketplace attracts investors to experience full-fledged crypto investing platform with professional traders. Investors can find the top-performing strategies managed by experts at their propensity in a minute. More surprisingly, the sign-up process is effortlessly accessible and quick compared to other crypto services.

The avatar characters for PlayV web have been created as unique characters of the PlayV brand, based on brand core values such as trustworthy, entertaining, and highly-secured. The new avatar designs were made from exceptional items and styles to revamp the playfulness spice up their service. Beyond the playfulness, it brings community-driven characteristics by generating a new and unique PlayV collection.

Even if unmatched elements are generated a new avatar, it delivers PlayV investors and traders’ decentralized nature to the community. Investors can experience generating a new avatar when registering with their e-mail on the PlayV service. Traders can also raise brand recognition by using their unique Avatar as a theme of strategy product.

Generating a new avatar brings the harmonious atmosphere of NFT fan communities for investors and traders. The function is also highly expected to show a strong spirit of togetherness of the trading or metaverse community.

Sung In, Hong, CEO of PlayV, stated, “We hope that we can emphasize Avatar’s unique identity for each PlayV user and connect them into NFT function as one of PlayV’s core brand assets in the near future. Also, he added, “It is highly expected that they are also used as commercial elements of trading strategy product made by pro-traders with their specialty and identity. ”

About the Company – PlayV

Manage your digital assets with professional traders. PlayV is a crypto trading strategy marketplace where you can manage your digital assets with top-performing traders. Start with only $50 and invest like a pro. We are on a mission to make crypto easy and accessible for everyone.


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