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Bitcoin Transactions are now Fully Private – with Coinomize

We know what you are thinking about – wasn’t Bitcoin private already?

Well, not really. You see, every transaction performed with Bitcoin is recorded on the distributed electronic public ledger, aka the blockchain. So tracking an account is at everyone’s fingertips. Just follow the path – and you will eventually get to the origin.

That was until Coinomize came into play.

How Coinomize solves the issue

Coinzomize is an innovative software known as a Bitcoin mixer.

What it does is simply “mixing” your coins with other coins in a pool. Otherwise said, it automatically makes transfers to thousand of participants’ wallets in a matter of a maximum of three days. In the end, if someone will want to track your activity, he will get lost among all the transactions made.

So it lengthens the string and makes your Bitcoin harder to trace.

If you are still anxious, note that three days after the beginning of the mixing process, your user data records will be deleted, and you can delete them manually sooner.

How are the fees set?

The cost for using the Coinomize website is based on the details you set before mixing your Bitcoin. You need to decide:

  1. The mixing power – how strongly should your Bitcoin be anonymized;
  2. The transfer delay – how much time do you want to keep mixing for.

The maximum delay time is three days, so if you have enough patience, you will be more protected against malicious actors and more. The cost varies between 1% and 5% of your Bitcoin deposit, and you can get maximum privacy for a 5% fee and a 72h transfer delay.

Did they catch your attention? Then make an account and start using Bitcoin safer than ever!





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